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Warrior-Road PvP Server Cap 110 Degree 11 Mastery 440 System Coins Races Chinese and Euroupe Fortress Jangan Weekly Events Every Week At Friday Silk Free Silk information about NPC Warrior-Road Items Dg11 EGY Europe In Shop For 1 Gold Items Dg11 EGY Chinese In Shop For 1 Gold New Avtars For Gold Coin - Arena Coins New Pets in NPC For Gold Coins Only Mastrey Scrolls For 1 Gold Title Name Scrolls For Arena Coins - Gold Coins Model Switch Scrolls Europe Chinese VIP 20 - Flag 9 - Remove Blue Avatars - Rest Strength Scroll - Rest intellingence Scrolls - Devil S 10 In Shop For Arena - Gold Coins Advanced Elixer Weapon 5 Advanced Elixer Shield 5 Advanced Elixer Set 3 Advanced Elixer Accessrory 3 in Shop For 1 Gold Gold Honor Buf - Bronz Honor Buf For Arena Coins Devils Spirit Magicstone - Devils Spirit Magicstone Blockrate - Sabakun jewel Scrolls in Shop Arena Coins - Gold Coins Rest Skils Scrolls Remove Premium Scrolls in Shop For Arena Coins Gold Coins... Stat Weapon 80 Stat Shield 80 Stat Set 80 Stat Accessory 80 In Shop For Gold Coins Only... Stat Weapon 60 Stat Shield 80 Stat Set 60 Stat Accessory 60 In Shop For 1 Gold On.. Flag 5 Scroll in Shop FOr Arena Coins Only 20 Damage increase - 20 Damage absorption - Resurrection - 500 HP increase - 500 MP increase - Strength - Sntellingence - Super Evastion - Super Accuracy - Zerkk - Global in Shop For Arena Coins - Gold Coins Ballooon Damage Scroll In Shop For Arena Only Thief Avatars In Shop For Arena Coins Only.... you Can Get Arena Coin - Gold Coin - From All UniQuess ........ System Of jUST Warrior Road ........ Holy Water Temple - You Will Get into 2 x time .. Every once you will find 5 Uniques .. Each Unique Drop 10 gold Coin . Have Fun forgotten world -- You Can Get it from Npcs Jangan Unique Ghost Drop Coins - Global - Zerk scroll - Emijo 100 and New Avatar dropped 60 .. Team WarriorRoad Have Fun Time So-OK Every two hours Team Winner in So-Ok - Get Reward 20 Arena Coins Enjoy Time Arena Manager Every hours Team Winner in Arena Manager Get Reward 20 Gold Coins Team Lose In Arena Manager Get Rawerd 7 Gold Coins Enjoy ........ Fortress Warr ........ Time Foetress.. Start Friday - Monday at 700 oclock . Ended at 8.30 oclock .. WarriorRoad Team Have Fun The Winner Guilds Master Will Reward Title - guild will Get Arena Coins - Zerkk Scrolls - Global - Gold Coins Enjoy how the job system Rewards work the new job is based on contribution points.if you achieve the required contribution points. you will get the reward fastest way to get the required contribution points is doing 5 star full trede from jangan to Downhang to Downhang to from Jangan 2 x town Work Only Get Reward System Jop Thief 5 Arena Coins - 5 Gold Coins Trade 50 Arena Coins - 35 Gold Coins Hunter 35 Arena Coins - 25 Gold Coins Check information in httpwww.warri0r-road.tkTopic

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